Tatsuya Ochiai (落合達也 Ochiai Tatsuya) is one of the supporting characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series. He is working at Musashino Animation as a Production Assistant.

Appearance Edit

Tatsuya is a tall young man. He has short, straight, and somewhat spiky brown-reddish hair and gray-blue eyes.

He is often seen with his white shirt, dark turquoise-colored jacket, black pants, and brown boots.

Personality Edit

Tatsuya seems like the cold type and doesn't talk so much with others (except Erika Yano). He usually has an aloof attitude and doesn't say much. Most of the time he seems to prefer to stay alone.

He is the type that does work indifferently and he doesn't show his emotions when at the production table.

Relationship Edit

Erika Yano - They get along well as co-production assistants and she is the only one in the office with whom he spends much time taking. When Ochiai announced that he was quitting, Tarou incorrectly surmised that Ochiai was leaving Musashino because he and Erika were getting married. This failed to amuse Erika, who reacted violently.

Chronology Edit

He moves to Canaan Animation Studios in Episode 7. He had originally planned to quit in Musashino after Exodus' final episode, however, one of his old colleagues at Canaan begged him to move in their studio, and he felt that it would have been rude to let down this colleague down.

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