Tarō Takanashi (高梨 太郎 Takanashi Tarō) is one of the supporting characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series. Tarō is working as a Production Assistant at Musashino Animamation.

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Tarō is a young man of average height that is working as a production assistant at Musashino Animation.

Tarō has short spiky blonde hair, with the sides shaved. He always wears a black T-shirt, bracelets and blue jeans and shoes.

Personality Edit

Tarō has shown to be bumbling, air-headed, annoying and tactless. Tarō is also very childish but he sometimes knows when to take his work seriously. Tarō can be kind and generous, but it is his childish side that usually takes over. He thinks greatly of himself and always tries to make himself look like an expert at any field, failing each time. He never listens to advice and always blames others on his blunders and drags them with him. He is part of the comic relief that parallels the stress at the company. He often makes remarks that either offend or annoy people, even though his intentions may be to help someone feel better.

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  • He is later promoted to chief production assistant after Honda's departure.

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Tarou's facial expressions.