Shizuka Sakaki
Kanji 坂木 しずか
Romanji Sakaki Shizuka
Age 21-22
Gender Female
Alias/es Zuka-Chan
Personal Status
Company Aka Oni Productions
Occupation Voice actress
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Haruka Chisuga

Shizuka Sakaki (坂木 しずか Sakaki Shizuka) is one of the main characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series.

Apperance Edit

Shizuka has big sky blue eyes and cherry red hair, that is very long and quite wavy. Her hair is tied into a bun at the back that is quite messy, and thus making some hair point up from there. Her hair almost reaches her hips, and her fringe is quite big and straight.

She is often seen with a turquoise coloured jacket, and a a white shirt underneath. She also wears a quite dark coloured pink skirt that is very long, and thus reaching her waist. She also wears brown heels, featuring with white socks.

Personality  Edit

She has a hardworking personality and she is calm and doesn't show her emotions that easily, even when she is sad. Example when she failed on her audition, she was sad, but still tried to stay positive.

She dreams of becoming a real professional voice actress. She is a newbie voice actress at Aka Oni Production.

Background Edit

She made a film with Aoi and the rest of the gang in the club: ''Kaminoyama High School animation club'' in high school, and that inspired her to become a voice actress. She also works part-time as a waitress at a pub.

Chronology Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her nickname is ''Zuka-Chan''.

Gallery Edit

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