Misa Tōdō
Kanji 藤堂 美沙
Romanji Tōdō Misa
Age 20-21
Gender Female
Alias/es Mii-chan by Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara and Shizuka Sakaki
Personal Status
Occupation 3D Graphic Designer
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1

Misa Tōdō (藤堂 美沙Tōdō Misa) is one of the main characters of the SHIROBAKO anime series.

Appearance Edit

Misa has very short, straight and black hair. A little piece of her hair is pointing up. She also has big light purple eyes.

She is usually seen with her white shirt, that has some orange stripes on the top, and some buttons there too. She also wears a black hoodie that has some orange and white stripes on it. She also wears quite short and dark coloured jeans, with black shoes. Misa has a tom-boy style.

Personality Edit

Misa has a very tomboyish personality, but she is naturally cheerful and energetic but she can be a little airheaded and shy.

Background Edit

She made a film with Aoi and the rest of the gang in the club: ''Kaminoyama High School animation club'' in high school, and she was inspired to work because of Ema's drawings. She was initially confused in choosing between working in the fields of 2D and 3D, but she now works at CG production studio Supermedia Creation.

Chronology Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She's still learning in her company through trial and error

Gallery Edit

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