Midori Imai
Midori Imai
Kanji 今井みどり
Romanji Imai Midori
Age 20-21
Gender Female
Alias/es Rii-chan by Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Shizuka Sakaki and Misa Tōdō
Personal Status
Occupation College Student
Story writer
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Hitomi Ohwada

Midori Imai (今井みどり Imai Midori?) is one of the main characters of SHIROBAKO anime series.

Appearance Edit

Midori is a young college student with a slim body and is of average height. She is consistently seen wearing her black and purple hued hair in a high side-ponytail held together with a white hair tie. Her eyes are wide with grey and purple tones.

Her wardrobe consists of a black and white pinstripe thigh-length dress cinched at the waist with a brown buckle belt. She wears a mustard coloured blazer with starry magenta-coloured tights. On other days, her wardrobe usually consists of fun and eye catching colours.

Personality Edit

Midori is a passionate learner with a big heart. She is kind, willing, and perceptive. Although the youngest of the five friends, Midori still strives for large dreams and ambitions and looks to her friends to strive harder. She's always willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Her goal and dream is to write heart-capturing scripts for a variety of anime genres.  

Background Edit

She made an anime with Aoi Miyamori and the rest of the gang in the ''Kaminoyama High School Animation Club'' in high school, back in the country. The five of the girls made a promise to create an animation feature after moving into Tokyo and sealed it with doughnudts. Currently, Midori is attending post-secondary.

Relationships Edit

Aoi Miyamori

She lives in the same apartment complex building as Aoi. She also went to high school with her and made an animation feature promise with Aoi and the others.

Ema Yasuhara

She went to high school with Ema and made an animation feature promise with Ema and the others.

Shizuka Sakaki

She went to high school with Shizuka Sakaki and made an animation feature promise with Sakaki and the others.

Misa Tōdō

She went to high school with Misa and made an animation feature promise with Misa and the others.

Kaori Miyamori

She's known Kaori since high school through Kaori's younger sister, Aoi.

Trivia Edit

  • Midori means "green"
  • Being the youngest of the group, she graduated after
  • She is attending post-secondary in Tokyo after the promise was made to fulfill it.
  • She took care of Aoi Miyamori's sister, Kaori Miyamori, who spontaneously decided to visit Aoi one day.
  • She agreed to hold onto Miyamori's apartment key before 10AM and confessed that she was actually heading to bed after pulling an all-nighter to watch an anime.
  • She spent two days with Kaori Miyamori touring the city before realising that the activities benefited her more than it did Kaori so she suggested Kaori to take over before her departure back into the country.
  • She willingly spent her own time researching about Japan's history of trains solely to help out Miyamori when she didn't have to. This led to her receiving the nickname "Diesel-san" among the staff at Musashino Animation.

Gallery Edit

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